Can I pay my bill at any Valley Health location? Yes.


Do you take payments over the phone? Yes, please call our billing office at 304.697.1396.


Do you have dental services? Yes. We offer dental services at Valley Health – East Huntington, Fort Gay, Harts, Upper Kanawha, and Westmoreland. Free dental care for the homeless is available at Valley Health – Westmoreland. Contact information can be found on our locations page.


Does Valley Health perform eye exams? Yes. We offer optometry at our Valley Health – East Huntington location. We also have a wide variety of frames and contact lenses available to purchase. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 304.399.3335


Can anyone bring my child in for shots if his/her name is on the release form I signed? Yes, as long as the parent or guardian signed in advance of the shots being administered.


Why don’t you tell my wife my test results when she calls? She knows everything anyways. HIPAA regulations and guidelines forbid us to discuss personal health information (PHI) without specific written consent from the patient. If you would like for us to share PHI with a specific family member or friend, be sure to turn in written consent to your Valley Health provider.


Which holidays are you closed? We are closed Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Our Valley Health – at FoodFair and – Huntington locations offer acute care services on some of these holidays. To find out if they are open, call 304.399.3350 or 304.525.0572, respectively.