Sliding Fee Program

Valley Health’s Sliding Fee Scale Program is designed to assist qualified patients in reducing their bills for health services provided at all Valley Health sites. (Patients are our priority. Our health centers serve all patients regardless of their ability to pay.)


Who Qualifies for Coverage?

To receive Sliding Fee discounts, every adult member of the household must apply for coverage separately with a signed application and proof of household income. All other methods of coverage must be exhausted (CHIPS, Cancer Control, Family Planning, State Assistance) prior to initiating the application process.


How Do I Apply?

To apply, go to the nearest Valley Health office. (Sliding Fee applications will only be printed when a patient brings proof of income or a medical denial from DHHR. Applications should not leave the Valley Health office.)

  1. Bring proof of income as defined by our application to your local health center.
  2. Complete the Sliding Fee application on-site.
  3. Sign the application.
  4. Attach documents verifying household income.

IF ELIGIBLE, you will receive a Sliding Fee Program card in the mail and may begin using it to receive discounted services at any Valley Health facility. IF INELIGIBLE, you will receive a letter stating why participation is being denied.

Please note: While the health center may provide preliminary approval and an ESTIMATE of your level of discount upon receipt of the application, no application or discount level is final until our central office reviews it.

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