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Monday Health Minutes with Valley Health: Hearing Loss and Issues in Adults

This week on Monday Health Minutes, we talk about hearing loss and issues in adults with audiologist Pam Adkins. These segments air on WSAZ every Monday at 4 pm - tune in for information about important health topics that could affect you and your family.


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Five benefits of Chronic Care Management Program Valley Health

Living with chronic illnesses can be isolating, but at Valley Health, our goal is to ensure no patient faces these challenges alone. Through the Valley Health CareConnect Chronic Care Management Program, we provide customized, cost-effective care for Medicare patients with chronic conditions so they are able to focus on what matters most: their wellness.

As a bridge between patients and providers, Valley Health’s CareConnect CCM is an invaluable resource available to Medicare patients living with two or more chronic health conditions. Each patient is paired with an assigned nurse who assists them with multiple aspects of their CCM, including provider and lab coordination, medication and symptom management, and developing a personalized care management plan. Assigned nurses are involved in all aspects of their patients’ care and will conduct frequent follow-ups to monitor and maintain the patient’s overall health and wellness.

Chronic conditions may include: Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia; Arthritis (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid); Asthma; Atrial fibrillation; Autism spectrum disorders; Cancer; Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); Depression; Diabetes; Heart failure; Hypertension; Ischemic heart disease; and Osteoporosis.

Our team takes a comprehensive, thorough approach to managing chronic care, and that’s what sets us apart. All CCM patient care and support is concentrated in-house in our health centers and Valley Health Systems network. Valley Health does not outsource CCM support. This sustainable effort removes barriers, eliminates the risk of third-party communication delays, and keeps patients’ care close to home.

Valley Health’s comprehensive care plan includes: A clear explanation of how services from agencies and specialists outside of the Valley Health network will be utilized, scheduled reviews and revisions of care plan as needed, list of concerns, expected outcomes and prognosis, measurable treatment goals, symptom management, planned interventions, medication management, and ordering community/social services when needed.

Benefits of CareConnect Chronic Care Management Program

  • Personalized care —  No two chronic illnesses are alike. The CareConnect Program helps providers and assigned nurses collaborate, analyze their patient’s unique needs, and create a complete, customized CCM plan to improve and maintain health. 
  • Dedicated nurses — Through the CareConnect Program, patients are to connect with one nurse who will guide them through their customized care plan, answer questions, help with medication management, carefully coordinate with their providers and lab or testing facilities, and more. As a result, patients have the opportunity to build trust with their nurses and feel more comfortable reaching out. 
  • Consistent communication —  In order to monitor their patients’ health and effectiveness of ongoing treatments, assigned nurses must connect with their patients on a routine basis. Continuous communication ensures that any changes are documented for the patient’s record and, if necessary, additional measures can be recommended.
  • In-house resources — Our team has a wide array of resources available to patients, including appointment coordination, medication management, and our continuous support and availability. All CCM support takes place within Valley Health Systems’ network, which means there are no third parties involved. CareConnect makes CCM more accessible, more reliable, and more personal. 
  • Cost coverage — Medicare covers most CCM expenses. Patients should talk to their insurance company directly to discuss copayments. 

CCM services are offered at several Valley Health locations, including:

  • Huntington
  • Westmoreland
  • Teays Valley
  • Harts
  • Hurricane
  • Milton
  • East Huntington
  • Wayne
  • Upper Kanawha
  • Fort Gay
  • Stepptown


Valley Health’s MyChart website and mobile application has made health care management more convenient than ever. Patients who are registered for Valley Health MyChart can use the app or website to connect with their assigned nurse and providers. Learn more about Valley Health MyChart services and visit our MyChart website to create a free, secure account today.


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Monday Health Minutes with Valley Health: Hearing Issues in Children

This week on Monday Health Minutes, we talk about potential hearing issues in children with audiologist Pam Adkins. These segments air on WSAZ every Monday at 4 pm - tune in for information about important health topics that could affect you and your family.


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