The Nose

The nasal cavity is surrounded by air spaces (sinuses) which, in many people, are subject to inflammation. Sinusitis is usually treated effectively by medication. However, in persistent cases, endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) is dramatically changing the treatment. Using a special fiber-optic telescope, infected or obstructing tissue can be removed with rapid healing and a minimum of swelling and scarring.

Other disorders of the nose and nasal cavity include polyps, deviated nasal septum or tumors which obstruct and make breathing difficult. Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery of the nose. We can perform this for purely cosmetic reasons to get rid of a hump or drooping large nose or to correct a nose deformity which may be obstructing normal breathing.

Allergies cannot only affect the nose, but the eyes and throat as well. Other causes of nasal obstruction can be present in addition to allergies. Our doctors again offer a comprehensive management of nasal problems, which may include any combination of medical treatment, surgery, and allergy testing – all of which are included in our practice.

Types of Allergy Tests

  • Serial Dilution Endpoint Titration or Skin Endpoint Titration (SET). There is very little discomfort from the titration technique. A series of small injections, using very fine needles, is made in rows on the patient’s arms. Only a small amount of the test substance (called the antigen) is injected. The result is a series of bumps which look like small mosquito bites. If the bumps enlarge significantly in a short period of time, it indicates the patient is likely allergic. If one receives allergy immunotherapy (shots), the proper dosing will be based according to these test results.
  • In Vitro Tests on Blood Sample (RAST). Using a tiny amount of blood serum, this test can be used to accurately measure increased levels of allergen antibodies. Although the results of In Vitro tests are not available immediately (need to be sent to a lab) as are skin tests, they offer the convenience of requiring only one sample of blood to obtain the results for several different allergens. In Vitro testing is especially advantageous for the testing of children, as their discomfort is minimized.

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