A conversation about Chuck Yeager and the Yeager Scholarship with Dr. Mathew Weimer

A conversation about Chuck Yeager and the Yeager Scholarship with Dr. Mathew Weimer

What did receiving the Yeager Scholarship mean to you? 

My experience in the Society of Yeager Scholars meant that I had the opportunity to learn in a small group, seminar format that encouraged debate, discussion, and critical thinking. The program also allowed for many once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including studying literature at Oxford University in the UK. 

How did being a Yeager Scholar positively impact your life? 

The most important impact of this program on my life was that it brought me to West Virginia, where I have been ever since (with the exception of a 4 year hiatus when I went to medical school in Ohio). I’m very fortunate to live in Huntington with my family and to serve my patients and the community in the work that I do with Valley Health. I wouldn’t change a thing, and the decision to apply for the Yeager program back in the late 1990s was, as it turns out, a watershed moment for me.

Did you have the opportunity to meet Chuck Yeager? 

I was fortunate to meet General Yeager on multiple occasions, the most memorable of which was flying with him in the fall of 1997 in a P-51 aircraft to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his sound barrier-breaking flight.

Is there anything additional about Chuck Yeager or the Yeager Scholars Program that you would like to share? 

The Yeager program is a great asset for Marshall University and the state, especially with regard to recruiting and potentially retaining young people to live in and contribute to the state and region.


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