Thousands of Medicaid Recipients Could Lose Coverage

[Huntington, WV ] – May 4, 2023 Not having health care coverage could soon be a reality for thousands of Medicaid recipients.

During the Covid pandemic, Medicaid could not check for eligibility, and anyone with Medicaid was automatically re-enrolled. Now Medicaid Unwinding is underway, and Medicaid recipients will once again go through full eligibility reviews to be able to receive coverage. Some will no longer qualify for Medicaid services. Valley Health is holding Medicaid Unwinding Outreach Events to help consumers understand the process and find healthcare options if they lose Medicaid. The events are open to Valley Health patients and the entire community.

“Medicaid provided a continuous enrollment for three years during the Covid pandemic, and now that we have entered the unwinding phase of this event, it brings uncertainty to some. While re-enrollment will prove to find certain consumers still eligible for Medicaid, others in our communities will be looking for new health insurance coverage. At Valley Health Systems we have staff available to be of assistance to those who will be needing something other than Medicaid to cover their healthcare costs/needs.”

, “says Brandy Andrus, Lead Assister, CAC with Valley Health Systems.

Valley Health will hold community outreach events from 9am-4pm on the following days

Medicaid Unwinding background:

During the pandemic, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was in place and provided continuous enrollment provisions. This allowed individuals to maintain Medicaid coverage without having to renew their eligibility every few months. At the end of 2022, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which set March 31, 2023, as the end of the continuous Medicaid enrollment practice. The “unwinding” is now underway, and recipients must again qualify for Medicaid. Nearly 200,000 West Virginia and southern Ohio residents will go through the unwinding practice.


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