Valley Health Dentist, Daniel Brody, DMD, shares expertise on management of patients with Substance Use Disorder with dentists around the region and nation

Valley Health Dentist Daniel Brody, DMD, has recently been sharing his knowledge and expertise in the treatment of patients with substance use disorder (SUD) with colleagues throughout the country. His presentation is titled, “Dental Management of Patients with a History of Substance Use Disorder.”

Dr. Brody said patients with a history of SUD can pose unique challenges for health care providers representing different specialties, including dentistry. He and other providers at Valley Health have seen an increasing number of patients throughout the region in need of specialized dental care due to conditions and ailments related to SUD. Dr. Brody recently gave his presentation at the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and the Indiana Primary Health Care Association Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“I hope to raise awareness about oral health issues related to SUD, the importance of oral health in the rehabilitation process and to improve collaboration between dental, medical, and behavioral health care providers who are serving SUD patients,” Dr. Brody said. “Management of substance use disorders and its health effects requires a multidisciplinary approach.”

In the coming months, Dr. Brody is scheduled to present to the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, the Health Center Association of Nebraska, and at the National Network for Oral Health Access Annual Session.

Dr. Brody has been with Valley Health since 1984 and practices at Valley Health – Fort Gay. He treats adults and children age one and older.


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