Valley Health Systems and Fruth Pharmacy Announce Milton Partnership

Valley Health Systems and Fruth Pharmacy are excited to announce a new partnership that will provide progressive service opportunities for patients of both organizations and for all Milton area residents.

“Valley Health set the stage a year ago to strengthen healthcare opportunities in Milton when ground was broken on a new 15,000-square-foot, $6.5 million community health center to better meet the demand for services in the market,” stated Valley Health President and CEO, Steve Shattls. “As construction of the new health center nears completion, we are pleased to announce that Fruth Pharmacy will be our partner for pharmacy care in the new Milton site. We are two community-based and community-minded organizations that together look forward to improving the health and well-being of all those we serve.”

“This is a great opportunity,” Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy began, “Valley Health is a key provider in the Milton area.   We have a long-standing partnership with Valley Health in other communities Fruth serves.  The services Valley Health offers will be a benefit to the Milton community and Fruth customers,” she concluded.

Located immediately off I-64 exit 28, the new state-of-the-art health center, which will replace Valley Health’s existing facility at One Harbour Way in Milton, has been funded in part by HRSA Health Infrastructure Investment Program grants.

Valley Health’s Vice President of Health Services and Chief Medical Officer, Mathew Weimer, MD, commented, “This collaboration will greatly benefit the nearly 7,000 patients Valley Health serves today in Milton. We are very excited for the opportunity to enhance their care experience in a new, modern facility with convenient, on-site access to Fruth’s prescription and retail pharmacy. The benefits of this collaboration, however, extend to the entire Milton community and beyond, as the new Valley Health and Fruth Pharmacy location will provide the community comprehensive family medicine, internal medicine, pediatric, ob/gyn, psychiatry, psychology, dentistry, lab, QUICKCARE and pharmacy services all in one location.”

Fruth Pharmacy customers benefit from the collaboration as well. Advantages for Fruth customers will be having a local pharmacist provide patient care while gaining access to Valley Health clinical pharmacists who will work on individualized pharmaceutical care and counseling, including follow-up after hospitalization.

The new facility will have a drive-thru pharmacy pick-up window for prescriptions and a retail space for over-the-counter medications and other pharmacy related items. Fruth will continue to offer delivery services, AutoFill, Text Messaging Alerts, and the Med-Sync Program.

“Fruth Pharmacy will provide all of its current pharmacy services for our patients while adding new conveniences, like a drive-thru window and counseling opportunities,” Drew Massey, Fruth Pharmacy Director of Pharmacy Operations shared, “we are looking forward to improving the healthcare amenities in the Milton area.”

Fruth Pharmacy and Valley Health will be in the new health center by mid-October.

Fruth Pharmacy has been a family-owned company for 67 years.  Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Valley Health Systems, Inc., a HRSA funded and deemed entity, operates a network of nearly 40 non-profit health centers and public health programs in southern West Virginia and southeastern Ohio. The organization has been a Tri-State leader in the delivery of quality, patient-centered primary healthcare services since 1975, and today provides care to more than 75,000 patients each year.


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