Valley Health Systems, Inc. Affiliates with NYU Langone Dental Medicine for Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program

Valley Health Systems, Inc. is excited to announce the placement of the first resident of the collaborative relationship between Valley Health Systems, Inc. and NYU Langone Dental Medicine to begin an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program that will bring long term benefits to all members of the community by providing oral health care services to Valley Health Systems, Inc.’s service area. 

“The NYU Langone Dental Medicine Postdoctoral Residency Programs are some of the best in the nation,” said Steven L. Shattls, MPA, President/CEO of Valley Health Systems, Inc. “Their innovation in residencies and dental education in special populations and underserved communities make them an outstanding match for the Valley Health Systems, Inc. mission.” 

The first AEGD resident of the Valley Health Systems, Inc. and NYU Langone Dental Medicine’s AEGD program is Dr. Nickolas Felton, who will be based out of the Valley Health Westmoreland location. His work with Valley Health Systems, Inc.’s dentistry program will take place at several locations throughout his residency to serve many areas, practices, and patient populations. 

“Achieving the vision of starting an AEGD residency program has been so rewarding, and we thank all members of our team for their hard work in helping make this a reality.” said Dr. Daniel Brody, DMD, AEGD faculty member at Valley Health Systems, Inc., who alongside Dr. Andrea Kelly, DDS, Valley Health Systems, Inc. Dental Director, helped lead the initiative to have Valley Health Systems, Inc. become an affiliated training site with NYU Langone Hospitals. 

NYU Langone Dental Medicine is the largest postdoctoral dental residency program in the U.S. Residents train at affiliated training sites and collaborate with allied dental health care providers, physicians, and other health care organizations. The training experience includes diagnosing, treating, and managing the oral health needs of dental patients in a variety of practice settings. 

Upon successful completion of the 12-month program, with an optional second year, residents graduate as highly skilled dental practitioners who are well prepared to meet the challenges and complexities of modern dentistry. Populations served by the program are those determined to be underserved in oral health care. Patients treated by the dental residents include children, adults, and the elderly from all income levels, as well as individuals that present with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and a variety of medically complex conditions.

Dr. Andrea Kelly will be working closely with the AEGD resident. “The Programs impact on our communities is another part of serving the mission of Valley Health Systems, Inc. to provide quality health care to all individuals with an emphasis on reaching those who are underserved.  Working with multidisciplinary centers will grant Dr. Felton opportunities to expand his skills in general dentistry and provide integrated care beyond traditional school- or clinic-based residencies.”

Valley Health Systems, Inc. provides dentistry services at their East Huntington, Fort Gay, Harts, Milton, Upper Kanawha, Wayne, and Westmoreland locations, with emergency, restorative, and cosmetic services. Valley Health Systems, Inc. practices accept Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance and offer patient discounts for those who financially qualify, including a sliding scale fee based on family income. 


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