Valley Health’s Jason Ashworth Takes on New Role as Chief Safety and Security Officer

Jason Ashworth

[Huntington, WV; October 4, 2023] Valley Health is proud to announce the appointment of its new Chief Safety and Security Officer, retired Major Jason Ashworth MSN, APRN, FNP-C. With extensive experience in the military, law enforcement, and healthcare sectors, (Ret.) Major Ashworth is an exceptional fit for this critical role. He served in the West Virginia National Guard for more than 27 years, retired from the Huntington Police Department after 20 years, and is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner at Valley Health East Huntington.

Safety and security are a top priority at the organization. As such, in partnership with Valley Health’s leadership, (Ret.) Major Ashworth will develop a comprehensive assessment and plan capable of responding to the organization’s potential risks. He will work closely with all employees of the organization on implementing and utilizing risk mitigation tools, technologies, and procedures. (Ret.) Major Ashworth will also work collaboratively with key external emergency management and law enforcement leaders at the Federal, State, and local levels. 

“I am honored to be appointed as Chief Safety and Security Officer and look forward to working with my team to ensure the safety and protection of our patients. Together, we will implement proactive measures and innovative strategies to address potential threats and maintain a secure environment for all,” said Ashworth. 

Valley Health’s President and CEO Steve Shattls expressed his enthusiasm for the appointment, “We are thrilled to have an individual with (Ret.) Major Ashworth’s background is working full-time to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. We are confident that (Ret.) Major Ashworth’s expertise and experience will significantly contribute to the success of the organization and the well-being of its patients. We congratulate (Ret.) Major Ashworth on his new role and look forward to his contributions in the future.”

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