Valley Health’s Prentice Awarded APA Citizen Psychologist Award

[Huntington, WV, 11/2/2023] — John Prentice, psychology intern at Valley Health Systems, has been honored with the West Virginia Psychological Association – APA Citizen Psychologist Award. This accolade is highly regarded and recognizes the exceptional contributions of WV psychologists who have demonstrated their dedication to their communities through advocacy, outreach, and the provision of mental health services.

Dr. Brittany Canady nominated John Prentice for the award for their outstanding volunteer efforts and advocacy work throughout the Huntington area. The WVPA-APA Citizen Psychologist Award program was established in 2020 with grant funding from the American Psychological Association (APA) to acknowledge psychologists who distinguish themselves in their service to their communities.

“The award is given to psychologists who are making a positive impact on their communities by increasing access to services, working towards reducing stigma surrounding mental health issues, and providing outreach in rural and underserved areas. John’s efforts in these areas have been commendable, and this award is well-deserved,” said Dr. Rebecca Denning, PsyD, Behavioral Health Section Chief and Director of Training for Valley Health’s Doctoral Internship in Psychology.


Valley Health Systems, Inc. is a leader in primary care since 1975 and operates more than 40 healthcare centers and public health programs in southwestern West Virginia and southern Ohio. With more than 150 providers and 800 staff members, Valley Health is dedicated to accessible, quality healthcare for all members of our communities. Valley Health Systems, Inc. delivers primary care services to more than 100,000 patients in our service area each year. 

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