How Often Should I Get Health Screenings? A Customized Checklist

When it comes to health care, screenings and check-ups are often unsung heroes. Though these routine visits may not seem particularly significant or exciting, they are an essential tool for maintaining our overall health and wellness. Screenings and check-ups are an extension of preventative care, which aims to prevent diseases before they occur or help patients manage existing ailments before they become more serious — and more expensive. 

We’ve all been there: I feel fine. I don’t need to go to the doctor. But even when we feel well, we should not overlook the importance of this consistent, preventative care. Health screenings and check-ups are a vital resource that can help providers detect many conditions or diseases, including chronic and asymptomatic illnesses, before they progress. Waiting until you feel ill to visit a provider can be harmful, and sometimes dangerous, for your health. 

Different types of check-ups and screenings are recommended for folks of all ages, medical histories, and genders. Although we may be familiar with certain check-ups, such as mammograms and colon cancer screenings, many people don’t know which types of check-ups they need or how often they should get them. We’re here to help!

In this blog, we’re defining each check-up’s purpose and suggested frequency into one convenient checklist. Be sure to bookmark this blog for future reference!

Please note: Every patient’s health, conditions, and family medical history varies. Your provider may recommend that you have certain exams performed more frequently or start those exams earlier. Always follow your provider or specialist’s instructions.

Using MyChart to schedule your appointments

For Valley Health patients, scheduling these appointments has never been easier. With the Valley Health MyChart mobile app, patients can plan their appointments — including their annual check-ups with primary care providers and specialists — around their schedule. 

MyChart is a safe, secure, and convenient resource that enhances patient-provider communications, streamlines scheduling and other time-consuming processes, offers e-check-in options, and shares appointment notes and lab results in real-time. Patients may also request prescription refills, if applicable.

To request or schedule an appointment, log into your account using the Valley Health MyChart website or mobile app. Download the free Valley Health MyChart app through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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