Stay healthy today and tomorrow: Why preventative care matters

At Valley Health, we believe preventative care is a key component to staying healthy. Through routine exams, check-ups, and screenings, we work proactively to prevent chronic diseases or illnesses from developing in the first place. 

By detecting and addressing health concerns early, Valley Health providers can improve our patients’ health outcomes for patients, lower health care costs long-term, and, in some cases, preventative care may even save lives.

Between our careers, families, and other commitments, it can be easy to put our own wellness on the backburner. Although it may not seem consequential, delaying doctors’ appointments or exams today may pose long-term risks and challenges for our future. 

Preventative care helps us as individuals, and it can protect our communities’ health, too, by preventing or stopping the spread of infectious diseases and illnesses. Whether you have an explicit concern or feel A-OK, keeping these records up to date can keep you, your family, and your community happy and healthy.

Some of the benefits of preventative care include: 

  • Detect anomalies — In the event your provider identifies a concern during your visit, they can refer you for further assessment and treatment. 
  • Help you keep your vaccinations up to date — When you visit, your provider will review your records and inform you if you are due for any vaccinations or boosters.
  • Prevent oral diseases — It’s recommended that we see our dentists every six months for routine cleanings. These exams can detect tooth and enamel health, cavities, and prevent or treat dental diseases. 
  • Detect hereditary illnesses — Some of us are genetically predisposed to certain diseases and conditions, which is why it’s important that you share your family health history with us. If we have this information in our files, we can take a closer look at areas at risk of being affected and work with you to prevent them, if possible. 

At Valley Health, we understand that life can get hectic. Your time is a valuable resource, which is why we work to prioritize it, whether you’re visiting us in person at one of our many health centers or visiting us virtually. 

Each year, we strive to provide patients with more flexibility, autonomy, and options than they’ve received in the past, and this year is no exception. In December, we transitioned to our new patient portal, Epic, a software designed to optimize our internal processes and enhance patient-provider communications. 

One of the most valuable Epic tools is MyChart, a secure and convenient mobile application and website that enables patients to manage their health care in ways that were previously unavailable. 

Using MyChart to your advantage

Managing health care can be hard, but with Valley Health, it doesn’t have to be. Through MyChart, patients now have the ability to take previously time-consuming tasks, like appointment scheduling, rescheduling, requesting refills, reviewing lab results in real-time, and more. These tools not only help patients manage their care or a loved one’s care, they assist us in making health care as accessible as possible. 

Valley Health also offers telemedicine options for non-life or -limb-threatening care. This means you can hop on a quick call or video chat, attend your appointment, and return to your tasks — all without the hassle of a commute. For those of us who struggle to keep track of appointments, you can set up reminder notifications.

To sign up for MyChart, visit Valley Health MyChart and create an account. Be sure to download the free Valley Health MyChart mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, too!

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