Valley Health Rolls Out New Mobile Medical Unit Reaffirms Commitment to Gallipolis Ferry Patients

Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia [July 5, 2023] – Valley Health Systems, Inc. is thrilled to announce the addition of a 40-foot mobile medical unit.  The mobile unit boasts three separate private exam rooms, a lab for blood draws and medical screenings, a restroom, and a large waiting area.   The unit is branded with bold, clear exterior graphics to identify it as a Valley Health Health Center.  It will initially serve Valley Health patients in Gallipolis Ferry as Valley Health ends its lease agreement at 15167 Huntington Road, Gallipolis Ferry, WV, on July 27, 2023.   The state-of-the-art mobile unit will be located nearby at 19867 Huntington Road beginning Monday, July 31, 2023.       With the purchase of this mobile unit, Valley Health has pledged to continue their mission of serving patients in the Gallipolis Ferry area seamlessly. Patients will experience no disruption in services.  Valley Health is excited about the opportunities this facility brings now and in the future.   Our permanent location in Gallipolis Ferry is expected to be located within a 5 miles radius of this temporary site and to be announced in the fall of 2023. 

Nurse practitioner Linda Salem and psychologist Dr. Dorothy Boston will continue seeing patients throughout this transition.  Salem will see patients at the mobile medical facility, while Boston will provide services at Point Pleasant Pediatrics and via telehealth.

Salem had this to say about the move, “The staff at Valley Health is totally committed to our patients in Mason County! There will be no cessation of services in the transition or after we move. We truly appreciate you and hope you will continue to stick with us. As you know, we are there for you and your family, and we hope to continue to be there for you and promote your best, healthiest self!  Here’s to the new adventure!”.

Valley Health reaffirms its commitment to the community and its dedication to our patients with this move and the construction of a new permanent location.    

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Valley Health Systems, Inc. is a leader in primary care since 1975 and operates more than 40 healthcare centers and public health programs in southwestern West Virginia and southern Ohio.   With more than 170 providers and 800 staff members, Valley Health is dedicated to accessible, quality healthcare for all members of our communities.   Valley Health Systems, Inc. delivers primary care services to more than 100,000 patients in our service area each year. 

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