Valley Health welcomes Antonio Smith, CPA, as Senior Associate VP of Finance and Deputy CFO

HUNTINGTON, WV – The Valley Health team is eager to announce the addition of Antonio Smith, CPA, who will be taking on the role of Senior Associate Vice President of Finance and Deputy Chief Financial Officer November 7.  

Prior to joining the Valley Health team, Antonio spent a decade with Hayflich CPA as an Audit Manager, where he planned and executed multiple audits in various business sectors, including nonprofit, nonpublic, governmental, pension plans, and hospitals. He graduated from Marshall University in 2011 and holds a Certified Public Accountancy License with the West Virginia Board of Public Accountancy. 

Throughout his career, Antonio has presented audit findings to leadership, provided recommendations to optimize financial efficiency, and worked in mentor capacities for professional development. Off the clock, Antonio enjoys playing sports and coaching his son in various athletics pursuits. 

Antonio will be using his invaluable expertise to support Mary-Beth Brubeck, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, in matters of finance, auditing, and compliance.

Valley Health’s President and CEO Steve Shattls said he looks forward to Antonio’s arrival and anticipates many positive changes on the horizon. 

“I am extremely excited to have Antonio join our team,” Shattls said. “He brings to us a terrific background that will be beneficial to our finance and administrative components, as well as clinical infrastructures. The experience he has in oversight of audits, compliance, and program management will be of huge benefit to us as our growth continues to be phenomenal in the Tri-State and rural communities. His work with our 150 plus providers and their support staff, along with our VP of Finance and CFO Mary-Beth Brubeck, will be important as we move forward in meeting the needs of the communities we serve.”

Mary-Beth Brubeck, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, said she is confident Antonio will be an invaluable addition to the Finance Team.

“I really look forward to working with Antonio, and I feel that he brings strong expertise to a Finance Team that is already second to none,” Brubeck said. “With the incredible growth Valley Health has experienced over the past few years comes the need for additional support and guidance in leading revenue related activities, including reporting, strategic planning, and auditing. Antonio’s background in working with a wide array of clients provides the opportunity to explore fresh, innovative approaches in using financial data for long-term planning and goal-setting and implementing performance initiatives to achieve success.”

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