WSAZ’s Journey through Parenthood – So You Say You Want to Have a Baby

Valley Health’s Dr. Amber Kuhl and Dr. Andrea Kellar recently sat down with WSAZ’s Melanie Shafer to discuss the journey into the start of parenthood in the segment, “So You Say You Want to Have a Baby”. The two gave Melanie Shafer and the WSAZ audience recommendations on how to get the best start! 

“Initially, just trying to maintain as healthy of as a lifestyle as possible with diet, activity, exercise, sleep, decrease stress — things that are just generally good for all of us,” Dr. Kuhl said. “But especially when you are attempting pregnancy. And that goes for both the men who are wanting to be parents and the women who are our patients.”

Dr. Kellar followed up “There’s a couple of things that we definitely recommend prior to pregnancy, and that would be the additional taking of a prenatal vitamin and just really overall maximizing their health. The other thing that we like to do is just kind of take a look at the current medications that they’re taking and if there’s any medication that we would advise for them to stop taking. It would give us some transition before they do get pregnant.”

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