WSAZ’s Journey through Parenthood – Taking Kids to the Dentist

Two Valley Health providers were featured on another segment of WSAZ’s Journey Through Parenthood. Melanie Shafer sat down with Dr. Megan Popp and Dr. Andrea Kelly and discussed when to take your children to the dentist. The two gave Melanie Shafer and the WSAZ audience recommendations on how to get the best start! 

When asked about the best time to start bringing your child into the dentist, Dr. Popp said, “We suggest after the eruption of the first tooth. Even if it’s bringing them in, using a toothbrush in the chair, getting them comfortable with the surroundings and the loud noises. It’s very stimulating.”

On the importance of good dental hygiene practices, Dr. Kelly expanded on helping your child floss, “There are little Plackers that have floss in between that you can manage your fingers around better and get in their mouth rather than wrapping the floss around your fingers. We also have puppets that we can demonstrate on to show how floss gets in between the teeth. Flossing is key.”

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