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At Valley Health, we are dedicated to helping a mother reach her breastfeeding goals by providing breastfeeding information, support, and encouragement to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our four Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) specialize in hands-on support for mothers with latch and milk supply challenges, moms returning to work, and any other concerns mothers may have.

Great Benefits of Breastfeeding for Moms and Babies include:

  • Mom’s milk is specific to her baby’s needs and provides optimal nutrition.
  • Breast milk is mom made. 
  • Breastfed babies also have a reduced risk of SIDS, ear infections, respiratory infections, asthma, obesity, and gastrointestinal issues. 
  • Mom has a reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer and heart disease.
  • Quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight.

Please call your local Valley Health WIC location for lactation services and information.

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