COVID-19 Self Care Series: Dr. Kellee Boster

Valley Health’s Behavioral Health providers have started a series to help our staff cope with the stress of COVID-19. Our employees have benefited from these stress management tips from our experts, and we want to offer that same benefit to you.

COVID Coach Resources:

COVID Coach is a government-developed, free mobile app, designed to provide resources and enhance emotional support during this pandemic. The app is private and secure, no email account or password is required, and user data are not collected. This app is intended for EVERYONE in the community and is available for iOS and Android.

COVID Coach offers access to anxiety management tools such as audio-guided mindfulness and deep breathing, as well as exercises designed to address anxiety, trauma reactions, and relationship conflict. It also has quick links to resources for finding crisis care and mental health support, and service agencies for families and those seeking basic fundamentals. Developed by the National Center for PTSD at the VA, it joins other free, widely-used mental health apps like PTSD Coach and Mindfulness Coach.

Click here to download here for iPhone.

Click here to download here for Android.

Other Resources:

Click here for the COVID Communications Playbook and other resources for healthcare settings.

Click here for the online course mentioned during the video, Incorporating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice.

Click here for Mindful at Home Live Guided Mediations.